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Hi there! I'm Steve Powell, and I'm the website developer behind Fellowship Studios.

I work remotely with clients across the United Kingdom and overseas to help small businesses, charities, churches, and ministries bring their brand online and reach a wider audience.

Web Development Experience

Bringing over 15 years of website development experience to the table.
Expert level

I've worked with WordPress since the early beta days of 2003, releasing several free and premium themes during that time.

Static websites
Expert level

I began learning HTML and CSS in the late 90s before moving on to JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Building websites using HTML tables were dark days indeed!

Web technologies
Very proficient

I keep abreast of modern frameworks, self-hosted services and SaaS tools to provide clients with solid advice on streamlining and future proofing their online efforts.

Degree level

Very few clients that I've worked with have had the luxury of staffing a full-time copyeditor. I studied English and writing (specifically Creative Writing & English Literature) at university, and it has been a great asset in assisting clients on a budget.

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Fellowship Studios is a family-run website design agency based in Rugeley, Staffordshire, and founded on conservative Christian beliefs.

We specialise in providing WordPress Website design, SEO and logo design services for businesses and charities across the UK and internationally.